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BRS holds independent accreditation, as granted to third-party certification bodies in alignment with international convention, and each region is free to acquire local accreditation. We operate within the principles of the free market economy, with licensing from a U.S.A. based third-party certification holding tripartite governmental public trust accreditation. This allows for the freedom to operate to an honorable and noble purpose, providing the free-market within the freedom of choice to protect consumers. To this effect BRS accreditation resides within a U.S.A. based Public Trust for through the GlobalNet Oversight Board (GOB).

    Accreditation means that through assessment and monitoring BRS is authoritatively license-approved. We provide validation, certification, laboratories and inspection bodies for the primary purpose to protect community and consumers. Under accredited based Public Trust we need to maintain adherence to laws and regulations whether USA or any of the world regions within the licensing scope of operations, this provides support and value within the free market to regulators. We operate by way of local actions while thinking globally. Public Trust based accreditation reduces risks and sets forth an unsurpassable confidence level as we are under continuous scrutiny to assure objectiveness-impartiality proficiently. To this effect, as a GOB accredited third-party service provider we need adhering to the framework of antifraud, anticorruption and antitrust laws. These laws we equally verify upon assessment to client-organizations. For more information on GOB governmental tripartite accreditation visit or

Further, Public Trust, GOB accreditation enable us a cost-effective with unsurpassable integrity programs with a consumer-centric focus, as we have reviewed our accreditation agreements, and upon decision of the Board of Corporate Officers. In this way, BRS agreed to provide worldwide reach through the GlobalNet Oversight Board (GOB) accreditation, and as regionally decided with local accreditation. Consequently, in 2009 we voluntarily withdraw worldwide accreditation from Raad voor Accreditatie (RVA). Since 2010, with worldwide (global) accreditation, each region is empower to chose and add local accreditation to the already global GOB accreditation that is upheld for the protection of communities and consumers.

    We note herein that not all accreditation are the same and may vary significantly from others, and to this effect each BRS Region worldwide may elect to add local accreditation to complement GOB Public Trust accreditation. This is why BRS chooses an accreditation platform of public trust with the option for the regions to choose in acquiring local accreditation, regardless our accreditation is on the basis of protection to communities and consumers exercising while due-care based laws and regulations. We value legal obligations and regulatory compliance of each sovereign nation as those in the USA. In deciding selection among the many choices of third-party programs, consider if your organization is mandated to select a given third-party certification body.

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